• Lessons from the Exodus

    FPC Worship Service – October 11, 2020 – From the time of the Exodus, when the relationship between God and the covenant people was still forming, we learn a lot about humanity, God, and our relationship. In today’s passage, the people become impatient when Moses delays in returning to them from the mountain, and they […]

    A Peace that Won’t Quit

    FPC Worship October 4, 2020 – World Communion Sunday. At this time, the Presbyterian Church (USA) observes our Peace and Global Witness offering. We welcome Hannah Lundberg as our guest preacher today as she shares a message of the power of peace and peacemaking. To donate, go to https://pma.pcusa.org/donate/make-a-gift/gift-info/PG999999/?appeal=GSO&package=PG-PCUSACar  

    Unity through Humility

    Once again we met in person outdoors at Elks Park and Campground. This week we heard Paul’s call for unity and how to achieve that by showing Christlike humility. Thank you for joining us for this worship service!

    Complaining in the Wilderness

    This is a recording our our first in-person worship service since the COVID19 outbreak. It was held outdoors at the Elks Park and Campground. We observed communion together and considered biblical stories of God’s people complaining at times. How can we relate and learn from them?


    FPC Worship Service – Sept. 13, 2020 – When it comes to forgiving, we are to emulate God. When it comes to judging, we are to defer to God. Today’s passages give instruction regarding two weighty aspects of human behavior and relationships. Come, hear the words of Jesus and Paul which point us in the […]

    Love Fulfills the Law

    FPC Worship – Sept. 6 2020 – When the psalmist expresses love for God’s law, he is talking about far more than a set of rules. The Torah gave the ancient Hebrews their identity and purpose. It was their path to wisdom and the story of their relationship with God. For Christians, Jesus is the […]

    Messiahship and Discipleship

    FPC Worship – August 30, 2020 – Simon-Peter and the other disciples received quite a shock when Jesus began to reveal to them how events would unfold as Jesus fulfilled the role of Messiah. They had to let go of all their preconceived notions, and it wasn’t easy. We are sometimes similarly challenged as Jesus […]

    Jesus is the Christ, and We Are His Body

    FPC Worship Service – August 23, 2020  – When Simon confessed that Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ, Jesus calls him by his Greek name, “Peter,” and said, “On this rock (petra), I will build my church.” We who are the church are the body of Christ in the world, and Paul compares the church […]

    Barriers Broken

    August 16, 2020 – The faith of a Canaanite woman is exemplary as she entreats Jesus to heal her daughter. Cultural pressures and social taboos were not going to stop this woman from doing whatever it took to help her child. This story, and Paul’s words to the Romans, both serve to demonstrate that God’s […]

    Calling on the Name of the Lord

    FPC Worship Service 8-9-20 – Welcome to worship with First Presbyterian Church of Muskegon. This week Pastor Jim is on the road in Kansas as he and Chris welcome their first grandchild. Today we hear the story of Jesus walking on the water to the disciples in the storm, and Peter gets out of the […]

    Ultimate Allegiance

    FPC Worship August 2, 2020 – Come worship and celebrate the Lord’s Supper with us as we hear a message entitled “Ultimate Allegiance” from guest preacher, the Rev. Dr. Chip Hardwick.

    God’s Unshakable Love

    Psalm 118:1-7a and Romans 8:26-39    In one of the most eloquent descriptions of God’s unshakable love, Paul concludes chapter 8 of his letter to the Romans with words that have become the favorite verses of many. hear the promise ring from the Psalms to Paul’s letter, and claim for yourself the peace and assurance […]

    Subjected to Futility, Thank God!

    Psalm 139:1-12, 23-24 and Romans 8:15-25    Today we continue our look at Romans chapter eight, some of Paul’s grandest and most sophisticated theology.  We are affirmed as God’s children and given the gift of assurance that the will of our loving God will be done.

    Scots Sunday 2020

    1 Peter 5:1-11     First Presbyterian Church annually celebrates our Scottish Presbyterian Heritage with bagpipes, Scottish dances, banners, and traditional dress. We remember Scottish and Scottish-American figures who stood for religious freedom and had a significant impact on the founding and shaping of the United States. Come worship with us!

    Holy Humor Sunday

    Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4, 5a, 10-13   In the tradition of Bright Week, a continuous celebration of Easter lasting many days, we now observe Holy Humor Sunday (albeit a week late this year).  We hope you’ll giggle, groan, and learn as we celebrate the gifts of laughter and cheer.

    The Mark

    (1 John 4:7-21; John 15:1-7) Guest Pastor – Rev. Scott Paul-Bonham