The mission of the Outreach and Communication Council is to inform, publicize, and otherwise expand and extend the mission and ministry for the First Presbyterian Church of Muskegon, Michigan. Our goal is to invite, reach out and make our members and visitors feel that FPC is “A PLACE TO BELONG.”

We are the public relations department of the church.  We  encourage our members to invite their friends, make our area aware of FPC and promote visually and via print media its regular and special activities.  We also work closely with other councils in the church organization.  Publicity through print and electronic media are used to invite the community to our church.  Word of mouth also goes a long way.  We strive to have members of the congregation invite neighbors and friends to our church so that they too can say, “This is ‘A PLACE TO BELONG.'”

The council members are: Nancy Bierenga, Moderator; Jim Cloutier, Clark Ganson, Patricia Ganson, Kathy DeCormier, Nancy Evans and Lowell Kinney. The Facebook page is administered by Hanna Scofield.  Meetings are usually held the first Thursday of the month at 1:00 p.m.  The council welcomes more members to be part of this program.  There are so many ways to reach out and we welcome your suggestions.

Enrichment Classes

The Outreach & Communication Council presents monthly Community Enrichment classes for our congregation and anyone from the community who would like to come. Some of the classes are free and there is a nominal fee for others. Classes are scheduled at the convenience of the teacher, so we are not consistently on the same day.

If there is a class you would be interested in, respond to Nancy Bierenga, our moderator, at 231.730.0887 (phone or text) or