At FPC we have a long and rich history of Deacon Ministry.  Our mission is to provide friendship to those who need help and to provide service to all others.  Serving as a Deacon is perhaps the most rewarding work that a member of our congregation can perform.  While our actions are often invisible to others and may be small gestures in the whole scheme of life, we can and do make a difference.  In addition to regular visits to and contacts with the homebound and those in care centers, Deacons also reach out by responding to emergency requests for financial help (to those both within and outside the congregation).  Deacons also play a pivotal role in the everyday running of our regular and special worship services.  If you have ever wondered who arranges all of the greeters, ushers, hospitality and communion servers who make our services run smoothly, you now know!  Our motto is “once a Deacon, always a Deacon.”  We have nine serving Deacons each year and the present roster includes:

Lisa Conklin – Secretary
Larry DeVoogd – Treasurer, Financial Aid
Patricia Ganson – Flowers
Carol Giblin – Memorial Receptions
Kendra Mills – Notecards, Tape Ministry
Chris Rausch – Scheduling
Robin Schroeder – Moderator
Mary Seieroe – Hospitality, Supplies
Bev Spwak – Vice Moderator, Session Liaison